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8. - 17. September 2005
Time's up! - Sensory Circus
Interaktive Installation
Badel-Gorica-Fabrik, Zagreb
Large-Scale-Installation von OutInOpen, die als interaktives, autogeneratives architektonisches System funktioniert und dem Betrachter eine aktive Rolle zuweist.
25. Juni – 17. Juli 2005
The series of lectures and exhibition “Collective Action” organized by What, How & for Whom/WHW in Gallery Nova during June 2005 present some of the participants of the exhibition “Collective Creativity” opened by WHW in the Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel, Germany on May 1st.
The intention of the exhibition “Collective Creativity” is to rethink the role of collective creation in contemporary art, with a special emphasis on the tradition of group action in Eastern Europe and Latin America where collectivity is often a consequence of a particular (oftentimes repressive) social setting, and to investigate the homogeneous version of European modernism and the participation of so-called “marginal” milieus within it. We consider it highly relevant that the exhibition of artistic collectives is articulated from a specific generation perspective and position of working in Zagreb, a so-called “marginal” European center with a long tradition of group activity. The interest in researching the phenomena of joint labor and collective creativity is a consequence of the everyday practice of the curatorial collective What, How & for Whom, whose work is exposed to reexamining the group’s internal dynamic, its strategies and extent of influence. The topic of collective came out of the intensive collaborations present on the independent non-institutional scene in Croatia, along with the awareness of its participants that it is precisely collaboration and solidarity that shape the base for the practices and initiatives that articulate cultural action as a part of social action.
Participating artists/groups: Chto delat?/What’s to be Done | Contra Filé | Etcétera… | Grupo de Arte Callejero | Guerilla Art Action Group | ŠKART| Taller Popular de Serigrafia | The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Location: Gallery Nova Organized by: What, How & for Whom - WHW

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02. - 04. Juni 2005

> POLITICS OF VIRTUOSITY (discussions, lectures and theatre performances)

7.- 13. Mai 2005
Thomas Lehmen - Stations
Thomas Lehmen (Berlin): Workshop und Perfomance im Rahmen des Moduls „Über Arbeit", Centre for Drama Art (CDU), Zagreb
12., 27. April und 4. Mai 2005

18. Dezember 2004 - 31. Januar 2005
Normalization (lectures, discussions, exhibition)
The exhibition is focusing on several variations of "normalization," which are happening with different dynamics both in the East and West, and it inscribes the issues it deals with against the background globally determined by the collapse of socialism and Eastern Block and expansion of European Union and NATO. While avoiding generalizations and investing into different political connotations and social references, the exhibition is using the term "normalization" not only as ideological indicator of the "state of things", but also as the trigger to catalyze critical thinking and creative resistance to the states of "normalization" to which we are daily exposed. As a part of "Normalization" project, there were two public discussions organized in the Gallery Nova during 2004. On the first one participants were: Charles Esche, Vasif Kortun and Luca Frei, and on the second, organized in collaboration with the Community Art, participants were Boris Buden, Roger M. Buergel, Srdan Dvornik Erden Kosova and Ivana Mance. Parallel to activities in Zagreb, programs for exploring the issues surrounding "normalization" are organized in the Museum Rooseum in Malmo, Sweden, and Center for Contemporary Art Platform Garanti in Istanbul, Turkey.

Organized by: What, How & for Whom
Location: Gallery Nova

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12. bis 17. Januar 2005

November 2004
> OutInOpen
Präsentationen und Workshops, Zagreb
In den Präsentationen und Workshops werden Alternativen zum individuellen Besitz geistigen Eigentums aufgezeigt, Strategien des Hackens von Systemen sozialer Kontrolle diskutiert und die Hybridisierung von Räumen durch neue Technologien veranschaulicht. Zu Gast sind: Subsignal, Blasttheory, Dražen Pantić, Ted Byfeld, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Felix Stadler, Paper Tiger und Xiph.org.
November 2004
Low Intensity High Frequency
Visual Studies Seminar mit Filmvorführungen, Zagreb
Wie ergeben sich aus dem normalen Verhalten von Individuen innerhalb eines Kollektivs plötzlich komplexe Verhältnisse, die in dieser Form nicht vorhersehbar waren? Mit dieser Frage beschäftigt sich die zweimal im Monat stattfindende Seminarrreihe „Low Intensity High Frequency“. Gezeigt werden Filme und Videoarbeiten, gefolgt von Vorträgen und Diskussionen.
November 2004
3D Journal
Diskussionsveranstaltungen, Zagreb
In vier Veranstaltungen diskutieren UrbanistInnen, StadtplanerInnen und ArchitektInnen über die Konsequenzen einer neoliberalen Wirtschaftspolitik für urbane und architektonische Entwicklungen – mit dem Ziel, die bestehende Stadtplanungs- und Kulturpolitik zu beeinflussen.
4. - 6. November 2004
> Little Front of New Performance and Dance - Quarantine (theatre performances and performance art)

15. - 16. Oktober 2004
> EMERGING COLLABORATIVE PRACTICES - SHAPING EUROPEAN CULTURAL FRAMEWORK- Pre-conference for Berlin Conference for European Cultural Policy

6. - 9. Mai 2004
> Symposium: Group Dynamics