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August 28, 2005

Culture if Visibility: Urban Media & the Public


ALTE ARTE in discussion with Kerstin Boettger (manager of Dresden TV), moderated by Christiane Mennicke (artistic director of WILD CAPITAL / WILDES KAPITAL)

ALTE ARTE was presented by Lilia Dragneva and Pavel Braila and compared to Dresden TV, which is a privately owned local TV station of Dresden. Paradoxical or not - in a media world based on finances it shares the same problems with Moldavian National TV: no money, no program. Founded around 1995 it went through a series of changes, being sold, bought and resold by a number of different media companies until today - now struggling in a law suit to re-obtain their own broadcasting licence. Some of its history and struggles provide insights into the functions and disfunctions, chances and failures of local TV.

Location: Dresden

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