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July 10-15, 2004

Art and public space

Seminar / artist’s presentations / panel discussion / artistic interventions in public space

The program started with the seminar “Monuments as ‘Private Matter’ or Reading ‘Public’ Monuments” by Bojana Pejic at the Academy of Fine Arts. It was devoted prime to students of Art Academies, but it was also open for public. During two days, subjects such as “Reading of Monuments as Producers of Social and Cultural Effects”, “Iconoclasm: Why Monuments are Destroyed”, “Female Allegory in Public Space” and “Public Art and Memory” were elaborated.

Four artist’s presentations were held in the National Gallery of BiH: “Monuments to a Negative Past”, Jochen Gerz (Paris), “Lady Rosa of Luxembourg”, Sanja Ivekovic (Zagreb), “Anti-Monuments”, Braco Dimitrijevic (Sarajevo-Paris) and “By the Commission’s Decision: Everyone to One’s Own”, Kurt&Plasto (Sarajevo). The presentations included artist’s statements, explications, slide shows, video projection and were followed by discussions. During the fourth presentation (by Kurt&Plasto), an initiative to found a Civic Forum was launched.

Three presentations, with participation of Christoph Tannert (Berlin), Barbara Borcic (Ljubljana) and Dunja Blazevic (Sarajevo), were held in the framework of panel discussion “Public Art and Memory”: “The Infinity of Freedom” (by Christoph Tannert, one of curators of the same name exhibition); “Urbanaria” (by Barbara Borcic, curator of the same name exhibition and director of SCCA Ljubljana) and “Actualization of the Past-Public Actions in Sarajevo” (by Dunja Blazevic, director of SCCA Sarajevo). Panel discussions were held in the National Gallery of BIH and moderated by Bojana Pejic.

Banner “The number of monuments erected to glorify one person is in direct proportion with the lack of individual freedoms” (by Gordana Andjelic Galic) was set up in Ferhadija Street during the program. At the same time, a sound installation “Hedgehog’s House” (sound recording of the homonymous story) by Marko Pasalic was set on the bust of Branko Copic (the author of the story) at the Liberation Square.

Academy of Fine Arts (Seminar by Bojana Pejic), Sarajevo
National Gallery of BiH (artist’s presentations and panel discussions), Sarajevo
Liberation Square (sound installation) and Ferhadija Street (banner), Sarajevo

Organized by Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art (SCCA)
In collaboration with Academy of Fine Arts and Media Center

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