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31. Mai - 21. Juni 2005

Module II: Mobile Artistic Events - Danica Dakić: "NY DIARY"

Solo exhibition by Danica Dakić (Düsseldorf)
Curated by Erzen Shkololli

This first solo show of Bosnian artist Danica Dakic (1962) at Gallery EXIT, Peja will include the works "NY DIARY", a video projection and installation, and "Sunday Dictionary Diaries", a web project.
"NY DIARY" - From September to December 2001, the artist Danica Dakic (born in Sarajevo, living in Düsseldorf) was working on her collaborative project *Go_HOME* in New York City. A week after she reached New York, the attack on the World Trade Center took place just a few blocks away from her Manhattan loft.

"NY DIARY" – a video diary consisting of 160 sketches “speaks” in pictures that emerge from soap bubbles of a “subjective” or “media” reality against the backdrop of Ground Zero.

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