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16. – 17. Oktober 2004

Module II: Mobile Artistic Events - Link to:

Conference and workshop, Peja

Participants: Ilir Bajri (composer and founder of Ensemble of Centre for New Music -”Influenca”) Peje/ Prishtina; Shkumbin Brestovci (editor–in-chief of “Rrota” publishing house) Prishtina; Shkelzen Maliqi (philosopher) Prishtina; Arben Myftari (founder of Kosovar Institute of Graphic Arts and multimedia designer) Vienna / Peje; Petrit Selimi (social anthropologist and fonder of Postpesimist / NGO) Prishtina; Veton Nurkollari, (photographer / founder of International Documentary and Short Film Festival “docufest”) Prizren; Jeta Xhara (drama writer) Prishtina

It’s been long since nothing happens in Peja, or very little happens. Peja, as we have been witnessing during the postwar period, has been present in our medias only in the “black pages” part. Concerned with these negative trends in their town, a group of high school students organized under the Debate Club and the Institute for Contemporary Arts EXIT, thought that the best way to help change this bad fame would be organizing an informal meeting, a conference or however we call it, that would gather young people from Peja and other places in Kosova for discussing, learning and exchanging experiences. They called this meeting “LINK TO” because they thought this name would best fit their message for links, cooperation and interaction. Well-known faces of our social and publicist life together with more than 30 students spent a weekend bringing perspectives, ideas and energy for changes.

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