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19. Oktober 2005

Module II: Mobile Artistic Events - Dan Perjovschi: "I shot myself in the foot"

Ausstellung, Exit Gallery, Peja

I shot myself in the foot - I am in the mood to contradict. When everybody else is going high tech I go the opposite. I start to use the old darling fax machine. All right I use it before five times in the last ten years but I found it more and more interesting as a tool in recent years... Just imagine: I keep the original while you have or see the copy! Me as artist I am in total control of my product. I like it. That’s the only thing I have: my art. I want to share it but not to give it away. I like the fact my art will fade and my images will disappear. That"s exactly how it should be. New stories replacing old stories, new statements on top of classic ones new unknown artists instead of famous artists. I like to be temporary and I like to change my mind.

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