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4. - 6. November 2004

Little Front of New Performance and Dance - Quarantine (theatre performances and performance art)

The new edition of the Little Front of New Performance and Dance this year focuses on the productions and projects by artists who were in one way or another connected to Art-Workshop Lazareti in Dubrovnik, one of the most innovative cultural centers in Croatia. Most of the artists whose work was presented at the platform in Zagreb are radicalized carriers of contemporary thought on performing arts in Croatia through their work on the crossroads of theatre, dance, performance, new-media etc. New works by Boris Bakal and Shadow Casters, Mario Kovač, Ivica Buljan and New Theatre, Željka Sančanin/Saša Božić and the younger generation of visual artists from Dubrovnik were shown. The works they present are related to writings by Franz Kafka, Sarah Kane, Bernard-Maria Koltes, Roland Barthes among others....

Organized by: Center for Drama Art, Art Workshop Lazareti (Dubrovnik)
Location: variuos venues in the city

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