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18. Dezember 2004 - 31. Januar 2005

Normalization (lectures, discussions, exhibition)

The exhibition is focusing on several variations of "normalization," which are happening with different dynamics both in the East and West, and it inscribes the issues it deals with against the background globally determined by the collapse of socialism and Eastern Block and expansion of European Union and NATO. While avoiding generalizations and investing into different political connotations and social references, the exhibition is using the term "normalization" not only as ideological indicator of the "state of things", but also as the trigger to catalyze critical thinking and creative resistance to the states of "normalization" to which we are daily exposed. As a part of "Normalization" project, there were two public discussions organized in the Gallery Nova during 2004. On the first one participants were: Charles Esche, Vasif Kortun and Luca Frei, and on the second, organized in collaboration with the Community Art, participants were Boris Buden, Roger M. Buergel, Srdan Dvornik Erden Kosova and Ivana Mance. Parallel to activities in Zagreb, programs for exploring the issues surrounding "normalization" are organized in the Museum Rooseum in Malmo, Sweden, and Center for Contemporary Art Platform Garanti in Istanbul, Turkey.

Organized by: What, How & for Whom
Location: Gallery Nova

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