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17. - 27. Juli 2003

Exhibition: Hidden in a Daylight

“Hidden in a Daylight” is a contemporary art exhibition, which took place in Cieszyn (a border town with the Czech Republic in the South of Poland) from the 17th to the 27th of July, alongside an alternative film festival. It featured 17 artists.
Many works were very specially produced for this exhibition (“F16” by Christoph Buechel, “Global Girl” by Jeanne Faust, “Pictures in ½ hour” by Anna Niesterowicz, “Antrakt” by Paulina Ołowska and Mathilde Rosier, movie and Bunker by Wilhelm Sasnal, Piotr Uklański’s work and“Our Songbook” by Artur Żmijewski).

The exhibition was accompanied by very extensive media coverage. Since it took place along a major alternative film festival, we had the possibility to promote it through the festival’s promotion channels; one large press conference were held – on in Warsaw at the beginning of June - Foksal Gallery Foundation was represented by Joanna Mytkowska. It was an occasion to inform most important media of our exhibition and also draw attention to our other activities. Also at the official opening of the festival in Cieszyn we had a chance to address a wide public and briefly describe our activities, the concept of the exhibition and our co-operation with the relations’ program.

Everyday during the exhibition (which took place only for 10 day and was open from 12 pm to 12 am), a festival newspaper was published, in which art critics, especially invited to the exhibition, wrote articles about participating artists and their works.
We also published an additional insert to the newspaper with very extensive information about this exhibition, its concept and the criteria of choosing the artists and their works. This additional context that was given to the viewers was very important to us. We had a chance to explain our curatorial choices and also to introduce the viewers to a broader spectrum of interpreting the perceived works.

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