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20. Mai 2004

Public discussion: Images of the City, Images of the Capital

The debate was organized on May 20, 2004 between 16.00 and 19.00 in the Sofia Art Gallery and was moderated by Boyan Manchev, Ph.D, the Visual Seminar Board Member. Participants were Aleksander Kiossev, Antoaneta Tzoneva (ombudsman, Sofia Municipality), arch. Atanas Panov, arch. Boiko Kadinov, arch. Vassil Valchev, Vladimir Kissiov (Chairman of the Council of the Sofia Municipality), Diana Popova, Jordan Petrov, arch. Todor Bulev, Iara Boubnova.
There were more than 80 people in the audience, artists, architects, students and general public. The main thesis was formulated in the specially published leaflet, which was spread widely in advance (by post and Internet) and given to the audience: “It"s almost impossible for the citizens to defend the city from ugly architecture. Visual Seminar suggests the city center to be classified as architectural reservation, where every construction process would be regulated by the special commission of the Municipality with a wide participation of the citizens and after preliminary public debate.”
After the short presentation of Visual Seminar and its goals the debate itself had three parts and discussion with the floor. In the first part participated arch. Atanas Panov, Diana Popova and Iara Boubnova. Later Jordan Petrov answered questions about his former position. Aleksander Kiossev, arch. Boiko Kadinov and Vladimir Kissiov were participants of the second part and Antonietta Tzoneva, arch. Todor Bulev and Iara Boubnova produced the statement shaped in the thesis of the discussion and evaluated the whole debate.

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