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30. - 31. Oktober 2004

Workshop: Strategies of becoming public. From urban theory to urban practice

A two-day workshop titled “Strategies of becoming public. From urban theory to urban practice” was held on October 30-31st 2004 in Sofia. Visual Seminar project was under the title “Methodo-graphy of becoming public”. Iara Boubnova, Alexander Kiossev, Maria Vassileva, Luchezar Boyadjiev as well as the VS fellows Krassimir Terziev, the X-tendo group, Milla Mineva, Svetla Kazalarska, Ivan Moudov and Yavor Gardev took part. Christiane Mennicke, Director of Kunsthaus Dresden spoke about various public space projects in Germany and more specifically about the project “Postplatz” in Dresden. Andre Decker and Geert van de Camp, from the Foundation Observatorium artists’ group from Rotterdam presented their work for “Postplatz” as well as other projects. The presentations were followed by discussions. The workshop was attended by young artists, art critics, sociologists, cultorologists and philosophers, as well as by intellectuals who are interested in the Visual Seminar agenda.

Location: CAS-Sofia
Organized by: ICA-Sofia and CAS-Sofia

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