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11. Januar - 10. Februar 2005

Exhibition: Ivan Moudov “Fragments”

In the course of one and a half years (2003 – 2004) Ivan Moudov was “collecting” fragments from various art works from museums and galleries around Europe. Each “piece” is duly marked with the author’s name and carefully arranged in a beautiful valise, referring to Marcel Duchamp and “The Green Box”. That’s how his collection travels around with him everywhere and could be shown to any willing person. That’s his portable museum and Noah’s Ark. The artist is acting as a fetishist and that’s what makes his collection especially charming. Ivan Moudov is idolizing the stolen fragment, and while he is enveloping it with loving attention, he sends it back to the “museum” thus focusing its exclusive importance. Ivan Moudov’ portable museum has been exhibited in Cetinje, Berlin, Luxembourg, and Vienna. The project also refers to the debate about the missing Museum for Contemporary Art in Bulgaria while attempting to trigger public interest on the issue.

Location: ATA center/ICA-Sofia Organized by: ICA-Sofia and CAS-Sofia

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