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1. - 28. Oktober 2004

Exhibition: Boris Missirkov & Georgi Bogdanov. Off-Season (The Saints from Giudecca Island / Off-Season Guide to Giardini

The idea behind “The Saints from Giudecca Island”, 2003 is to create a cycle of “contemporary icons” of the people who work and live on the island opposite Venice. Italy is a country of saints, miracle and cathedrals. Giudecca is the island of the banished, the communists, and the proletariat. Boris Missirkov and Georgi Bogdanov are trying to find their own saints among the ordinary people. They are making portraits of the pensioners, the butchers, the bartenders, the fisherman, the people on the street and the visitors to the local pubs. The exhibitions represents 5 gilded and covered with Plexiglas digital prints accompanied by sound that is mixing parts of interviews and sound typical for the island. Voices remain anonymous while creating a stream of associations, local idioms and dialects as an addition to the “portrait-icons”. The cycle “Off-Season Guide to Giardini”, 2003-2004 is composed of 14 prints on hand-made photo paper. Boris Missirkov and Georgi Bogdanov are investigating the area around the pavilions of La Bienale di Venezia after the show is over. The location looks like a deserted vacation village, which could be located anywhere – Yalta, Varna, Brighton. Some of the buildings look like ancient Aztec temples hidden in the jungle; others have become a shelter for the homeless, and some are still preserving the memory of something that has happened a while ago.

Location: ATA Center/ICA-Sofia
Organized by: ICA-Sofia and CAS-Sofia

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