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8. - 22. Dezember 2005

VISUAL POLICE. TV-simulacrum (a project by Yavor Gardev)

Through the “Visual Police” action Yavor Gardev is attempting to radicalize and thus put to more serious debate the question about the aesthetic discipline of the urban space of Sofia. He is spearheading the discussions started by the Visual Seminar about the capital city as a “sight”. Through simulative and mystifying TV broadcasts this action is discussing the possibility to actually do something about the public visual taste.

The series of video performances that were taped in the context of the electronic media with air coverage and with the assistance of actual Bulgarian media personalities from the sphere of reportage and political commentaries are stimulating the creation of a real police structure. It is meant to deal with sanctioning the samples of vulgar visual taste in the urban space of Sofia. The potentially dangerous conflict between the formal and regulative thinking of the law and decision makers on one side and, on the other, the aesthetic judgments of the city dweller who is yarning for a non-aggressive visual environment are put on the agenda. The figure of Major Y. Stefanov (played by Yavor gardev himself), the boss of the new structure of the “Visual Police”, is introduced in the broadcasts. This figure is giving interviews on behalf of the new structure in staged but real TV sessions such as “Around the World and at Home”, Panorama”, “Koritarov Live”, “The Starting of the Day”, “Look Who”, and ‘Why Not!”.

With this action Yavor Gardev is offering the media simulation of the debate on the “visual pollutants” of the urban environment as well as suggesting possible ways of taking care.

Location: ATA center/ICA-Sofia
Organized by: ICA-Sofia and CAS-Sofia

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