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5. - 26. März 2005

Module II: Mobile Artistic Events - Lekë Tasi

Einzelausstellung, Galerie EXIT, Peja

First solo show of Albanian artist Lekë Tasi at Gallery EXIT incloudes number of Paintings by the artist. After many years trying my skills in watercolor, passing from different views wherever I was in Albania, to painting peoples and friends portraits in cafes and market places, I felt that I had to ”intervene” on what I could do in my painting. For this reason I decided to distance myself from what I had done until then and start to live in another world, one that I created myself, with plays and games of every kind, but that refracted an image of my experiencing of our Tirana. Scenes from circus displaced in the streets, people flying over crowds, interiors where hazard games are played, in general a situation not standing on the ground, a surreal situation, like the reality we live in, started to appear on my canvas. At first I thought I was really operating within a surreal frame, but soon I understood that my painting was something else, something even I don’t know what it is, but it surely comes out and speaks about what has always and still does surrender us, independently what the new forms of this reality are.

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