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The Forum "Visual Culture" has three specific and interrelated foci:

* Public presentations of Resident Fellows, discussions of the results of their artistic projects;
* Presentations of the Guests and participants of the "Red Riviera Revisited" show: lectures, workshops, discussions;
* General discussions on actual problems of the visual environment in Sofia (advertisements, billboards, electronic media, public performances etc).

So far, the following Forums "Visual Culture" took place:

1st Forum "Visual Culture" on 3rd July 2003; title: "Do You See Sofia (1)?"; location: Sofia Municipal Art Gallery.
2nd Forum "Visual Culture" on 14th October 2003; title: "Do You See Sofia (2)?"; location: Goethe Institute Sofia.
3rd Forum "Visual Culture" on 20th May 2004; title: "Images of the City, Images of the Capital"; Location: Sofia Art Gallery.
4th Forum "Visual Culture" on 29th October 2004; title: "Communal and private (and/or public and personal)"; location: Goethe Institute Sofia. With the participation of a.o. Christiane Mennicke, director of Kunsthaus Dresden, Germany.
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