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Every present has its own background and antecedent history. Here you find texts which sketch in compact form the real political conditions in seven countries of eastern Europe. The essays were written under the title "Atlas" by the sociologist Klaus Ronneberger for the relations book "Leap into the City." Instead of apparently objective data-laden material, he offers a narrative underlain with facts.

> Moldova: Between Bucharest and Moscow (mp3)
> Bulgaria: Between Boom and Poverty (mp3)
> Kosovo: Waiting for the State (mp3)
> Bosnia and Herzegovina: A State Unified under Duress (mp3)
> Croatia: Upturn on Credit (mp3)
> Slovenia: Away from the Balkans and toward Europe (mp3)
> Poland: God and the Market (mp3)

Edited by Ines Kappert and read by Peter Knaack, Wolf List, and Martina Struppek, members of the actorsí ensemble at the schauspielhannover (in German).