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December 9-23, 2004


Exhibition, Sarajevo

The exhibition is devoted to projects by artists whose initial research or inspiration are monuments or their ruins, national or ideological symbols, patriotic and new collective icons or personalities of the more recent or more distant past. Artistic interventions in this thematic bring about a shift in the meaning and thus inquire into contemporary positioning in relationship to the past.

The exhibited works serve as a basis for the conference to be held from December 8-12, 2004, named "Dealing with the Past", a conference on the controversies ignited by dealing with history: “History/pseudo-history/counter-history. forgotten past/imagined past.
Revived myths – new myths – consequences.extinguished memory – destruction of the remains of national cultures and historical epochs – consequences. Corrected history – fascism - anti-fascism. Force of idols - character and mythologizing the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Ethno-nationalism – national socialism…“

Academy of Fine Arts (Seminar), Sarajevo
National Gallery of BIH (exhibitions, lecture, presentation, panel discussions and film/video projections), Sarajevo
Obala Maka Dizdara, Park in front of the Presidency (Titova Street) and Liberation Square (art action), Sarajevo

Organized by Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art (SCCA).
In collaboration with Academy of Fine Arts and Media Center.
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