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April 2 - 23, 2005

Module II: Mobile Artistic Events - Adrian Paci: „Slowly”

Exhibition of work by Adrian Paci, Gallery EXIT, Peja, curated by Erzen Shkololli.
Gallery EXIT showcases work by the Albanian artist Paci for the fi rst time. The main work on show is “Slowly,” a video addressing the absence of communication between generations.

Adrian Paci will present works of high poetical impact. The central work of the show is a video entitled “Slowly” that offers a reflection on the small dramas and tensions that arise in everyday life. Around the fixed set of a table laid for a normal lunch sit an elderly lady and some men. The men speak animatedly among themselves and mostly ignore the woman, who is clearly their respective Mother or Grandmother. The action evolves slowly and drags on and the effect is particularly emphasised by the skilful use of slow motion. The woman looks about her, feeling out of things, trying to understand what is happening and what is being said. She tries to decipher what she cannot deduce from their gestures by reading their lips. But nothing helps her to understand: she appears isolated in the sweetness and simplicity of a woman belonging to another generation, alone in the anguish that arises from a lack of communication that has protracted over the years.
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