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April 23, 2006, 11 am

Public excursion: Discovering Zagreb (via Dortmund)

Project presentation by (Düsseldorf)
Meeting point: at the »U« in Dortmund, Entrance of the parking place Rheinische Straße

The project researches the outskirts of the city and their everyday life reality. In the areas where urban density is replaced by functional and spatial deconcentration, and where the historic urban spaces and images are no longer identifiers for the citizens, orientation by means of an urban vocabulary takes place, which could be defined as a cartography of everyday life. A »mindmap « of the city of Zagreb will be presented as a guided tour through Zagreb in Dortmund, created along urban markers, which have been researched in Zagreb and then found again in Dortmund. The excursion and a publication in city guide format will be communicated bilingually (German/Croatian).
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