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September 30, 2006, 7.30 pm

Book presentation: "Mind the Map! - History is Not Given"

Institute of Theatre Studies of the University of Leipzig, Ritterstr. 16, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

Mind the Map! History Is Not Given takes as its point of departure the project EAST ART MAP (EAM) by the Slovenian fine arts group IRWIN. EAST ART MAP is a project that tracks back in history (over the past 50 years) the art works and cultural processes in the territory known as the former Eastern Europe. The task is to now interpret the topography laid out and establish new perspectives for plotting and understanding art history, cultural practices and theoretical models. The book documents the Symposium as representative of a NEW THINKING that is presently emerging at several intersecting points: the intermediality between different art forms, the fracture zones between the national cultures of Eastern and Western Europe, the fissures between past and present, and the interferences between humanities, arts and social movements. With the project Mind the Map! History Is Not Given we are thus engaged in constructing a matrix that represents a densely-woven structure of information on specific and, frequently, less known artistic and cultural processes, products and realities. The book presents the theoretical and artistic positions of the young scholars, professors and artists who participated in the symposium that has been held in October 2005 in Leipzig, and it also includes an additional selection of texts and art works.

Edited by Marina Gržinić, Günther Heeg und Veronika Darian Distributed by revolver, Frankfurt am Main, 2006 ISBN: 3-86588-165-3

A project by the Institute of Theatre Studies of the University of Leipzig, initiated by East Art Map (IRWIN), Slovenia, and relations
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