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June 22, 2006, 8 pm

Computer Capital

Copy me - I want to travel
Directors: Pauline Boudry, Brigitta Kuster, Renate Lorenz, documentary D 2004, 68 min
Embargo goods - Copies in the field of GDR-Business Computers
Lecture by Gisbert Juch (former software-developer VEB Robotron, Dresden)

The film deals with a copy which was produced in Bulgaria: In the 1980s the product "Apple-II", build in the West, was reemerging in Bulgaria as "Pravetz-82:" A successful personal computer through reverse engineering - a blueprint which was applied in the Cold War. It was a copy off the record, but officially an internal Bulgarian production. The film is less interested in technical aspects but more in social effects caused by this revision. Something of their own was developed in Bulgaria which aroused collective desires: manufacturing a successful product, a bulk product, providing an opportunity to match the USA.
The same thing happened at the biggest computer manufacturer in the GDR, the VEB Robotron, where they also altered and advanced Western hardware and software. Based on Walter Ulbricht"s motto "Getting ahead without catching up", the economic organisation from the West was adapted too. A lecture on computer technology during the Cold War, and the things that remain.

Location: Kunsthaus Dresden, Rähnitzgasse 8, 01097 Dresden
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