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July 8, 2006, 6 pm

Museum Capital

Rien ne va plus! Nothing goes!
The Museum Summernight is dedicated to the wild capital.

Beyond East and West, the casino represents the allegorical image of fetish, reality that comes to a head, and dialectics of capitalism - passion, hazard, fear and a "fast deal."
spot_off & POP 8 invite you to the Kunsthaus Dresden to wallow in vice and gamble! Roulette, Black Jack, filmd, a concert and DJanes see you through the night.

6 pm
guided exhibition tour

from 8 pm

from 8 pm
"24 Stunden sind kein Tag"
Director: René Pollesch, feature film in 4 parts, D 2003, ca. 120 min. Theatre meets soap opera: The TV series by René Pollesch deals with work and love, is political, irritating and hilarious.

from 10.30 pm
Chance rules the night: Live-concert/Casino-Pop and Music-Roulette. Bet on your favourite song and win a dance!

Location: Kunsthaus Dresden, Rähnitzgasse 8, 01097 Dresden
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