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Ostsee oder Westmeer? (To the East or the West?)
From Tallinn through the Ruhr Region to Mostar ten portraits

relations in portrait: artists and curators present their projects and tell their personal relations stories. To listen and watch them is to experience which themes their respective societies are currently dealing with, how contemporary art is embracing grave and important social changes and how clichés like "East" and "West" can simply vanish into thin air.

  Pavel Brăila (ALTE ARTE, Chişinău)
  Mait Laas (Lost and Found a Film Project, Tallinn)
  Luchezar Boyadjiev (Visual Seminar, Sofia)
  Erzen Shkololli (Missing Identity, Peja)
  Özlem Günyol (ACADEMY REMIX, Frankfurt/M.)
  Tomislav Medak (Zagreb Cultural Kapital of Europe 3000, Zagreb)
  Henrik Sander (Peripherie 3000, Dortmund)
  Nino Raspudić (De/construction of Monument, Mostar)
  Danica Dakić (Displaced, Berlin)
  Christiane Mennicke (WILDES KAPITAL / WILD CAPITAL, Dresden).