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To be and to act in a critical-investigative mannner within reality, through art, is a sphere of interest for
Kontejner | Bureau of Contemporary Art Practice. Kontejner was formally founded in 2002.
Research art practice covers a bordering artistic sphere in the sense of both media and content. It includes intermedia an interdisciplinary projects located at the junction of science, technology and art, characterised by a hybrid and new use of media.
Content-wise, these projects refer to relevant phenomena of contemporary society and culture, dealing with civilizational taboos and ethic systems that create them, particularly stressing the field of trauma produced by the transgression and violation of norms. This is an art concerned with the society of the future, the post-human and his obsolete body affected by cybernetics, nanothechnology and biotechnology.
Kontejner realizes its aims through two basic international projects: Hospital and Touch me.
Director: Olga Majcen
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